Insert a Paged Blog Loop anywhere in your WordPress theme

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Note that the <?php bootstrap_pagination();?> function has already been discussed in our post “Add Twitter Bootstrap Pagination to your WordPress Theme“. I won’t spend too much time explaining this one. Just know that this will start an independent loop of your choice anywhere you want in your theme templates. And it correctly incorporates wp’s pagination feature, which can be tricky. … Read More

Adding Custom Menu Locations in WordPress Themes

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Basic Setup Step 1: First, we need to register your new menus. In this example, we’ll create the menus Header Navigation and Expanded Footer. Add this PHP code to your functions.php, or link to it in a separate file: Step 2: Let your users know that your menu location exists by adding a message to the front end when no … Read More

Display Posts from Current Month & Year in a WordPress Template

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Hi Y’all, I was presented with this challenge while putting together a magazine-type site, where the home page was to display articles from the current issue–meaning the current month and year. Checking the forums, I found some solutions, and although the topics have been closed, I have found that they are incomplete. Some call the current month, i.e. “March”, but … Read More

How to add Bootstrap Breadcrumbs to your WordPress Theme

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Another 5 minute integration… First of all, I’m assuming you already have Bootstrap css/js linked up to your theme correctly. Secondly, 99.9% percent of this function was created by Dimox in his post WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin. So go ahead & get your source material from him. Lastly, All I did was swap the Bootstrap markup into his php … Read More

Add Twitter Bootstrap Pagination to your WordPress Theme

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Hi. I’ve been focusing a lot of my efforts on integrating Twitter’s Bootstrap with WordPress themes. Here is one of the easiest integrations so far! Thanks a heaping ton to this article: How to Build a WordPress Post Pagination Without a Plugin. The base code is super light weight, and it works on index.php, category.php, & archive.php right out of … Read More