PressPlay Lite WP Plugin is Live

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I’ve recently developed a WordPress plugin called PressPlay Lite, which is now hosted on PressPlay Lite offers music lovers the easiest way to play MP3s on their WordPress site. Simply insert a link to an MP3, and PressPlay Lite will automatically prepend a play/pause button. PressPlay Lite is powered by an extremely slimmed-down version SoundManager 2 ( The simplicity …

Google Reader Player

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This simple Flash-based code from Google embeds the following player controls. Features: Flash-based. Plays single track/file. Positive: Great for the occasional sound clip & large files. Easy to swap in your own MP3 file paths. Negative: Cannot modify colors/dimensions. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Source: Google Reader Player

Play Tagger by Delicious

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UPDATE: July 1, 2013 Just like Yahoo! MediaPlayer, this plugin has also mysteriously disappeared. However, you can get something just like it (better, IMHO), called PressPlay Lite, which is now available on ORIGINAL POST: Not shown. As easy to setup as Yahoo! Media Player… … but doesn’t readily display as expected. Also, hitting play bumps the corresponding text to …