UPDATE: Bootstrap Carousel = WordPress Dynamic Content

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This is an update to my original post How to make Bootstrap Carousel display WordPress Dynamic Content, so I’ll keep it short… The Original Source Code From Twitter.Github.com/bootstrap Note: Bootstrap developers have added the .carousel-indicators feature sometime after my original post. Below, you will see my solution for generating the “data-slide-to” values dynamically… Now with WordPress template PHP for dynamic … Read More

How to make Bootstrap Carousel display WordPress Dynamic Content

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When code from Twitter’s Bootstrap is not working, one of the main culprits is in linking the files up correctly. It seems to be especially common when adding Bootstrap javascript plugins to a WordPress theme. The Bootstrap files and your jquery library must be called in the proper sequence, along with loads of other scripts being called by other plugins … Read More

Yahoo! Media Player

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UPDATE: July 01, 2013 It has come to my attention that this plugin has vanished from Yahoo without a trace. If you were wise enough to host your own local copy, my hat’s off to you. I was not so wise. However, it’s sudden disappearance forced me to build my own WordPress plugin, PressPlay Lite, which is now available on … Read More

Play Tagger by Delicious

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UPDATE: July 1, 2013 Just like Yahoo! MediaPlayer, this plugin has also mysteriously disappeared. However, you can get something just like it (better, IMHO), called PressPlay Lite, which is now available on WordPress.org. ORIGINAL POST: Not shown. As easy to setup as Yahoo! Media Player… … but doesn’t readily display as expected. Also, hitting play bumps the corresponding text to … Read More