How to change timezone on a Linux server (CentOS)

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We run CentOS for many of our server builds and this question often comes up. Hope this helps. Here are the steps: Make a backup copy of the default localtime file. Create a symbolic link to a new localtime file Be sure to replace “America/Los_Angeles” with the directory (if your zone has one) and filename of the timezone you want … Read More

Use rsync to transfer files between Linux servers

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We use rsync to transfer files across servers and to assist with a variety of tasks associated with backup and restore. We found this great tutorial over at Nixcraft. Check it out. They do a great job of explaining advanced uses of rsync. In a nutshell, this is one of the most useful commands we use and thought we would … Read More

wget the latest WordPress installed – pronto!

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It’s so flippin’ fast! Forget about FTP-ing… wget it This command will place the file in your current directory. You may plan on unpacking & installing in multiple directories, so you may want to cd to the parent directory of those locations. Plus, if you choose this method to get the next latest version, you can wget it in the … Read More