The Bootstrap Framework

Guest post by Lisa Smith

Why settle with the ‘routine’ web development platform when you have Twitter Bootsrap, the all new buzzing platform for creating superb websites! Websites built using Twitter Bootstrap are fully responsive and load perfectly on devices with varying screen sizes. Moreover, your Bootstrap based web pages will be perfectly compatible with all browsers. All these features make Bootstrap the go-to choice for all contemporary web development projects. Common CSS components including print media styles, codes, grids, forms and buttons; Design and page building components like navbars, button groups, glyphicons, Javascript assets like modals and carousals apart from drop downs and tooltips, and basic plus responsive utilities – these digital assets make Bootstrap a fully loaded web design and development platform for you.

The Infographic is the courtesy of Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Powerful Front-end Mobile First Framework

Clean CSS

Need to cleanse your CSS code? There are many tools out there that allow you to clean up your 3000+ line CSS file. CSSTidy is the industry standard and used by professional developers everywhere.

But what if you just need a quick solution and don’t want to spend the time to install/configure a local app? Well, tada – here is a slick online tool for just that: CSS Formatter and Optimiser available in several languages.