The Bootstrap Framework

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Guest post by Lisa Smith Why settle with the ‘routine’ web development platform when you have Twitter Bootsrap, the all new buzzing platform for creating superb websites! Websites built using Twitter Bootstrap are fully responsive and load perfectly on devices with varying screen sizes. Moreover, your Bootstrap based web pages will be perfectly compatible with all browsers. All these features … Read More

UPDATE: Bootstrap Carousel = WordPress Dynamic Content

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This is an update to my original post How to make Bootstrap Carousel display WordPress Dynamic Content, so I’ll keep it short… The Original Source Code From Note: Bootstrap developers have added the .carousel-indicators feature sometime after my original post. Below, you will see my solution for generating the “data-slide-to” values dynamically… Now with WordPress template PHP for dynamic … Read More

How to add Bootstrap Breadcrumbs to your WordPress Theme

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Another 5 minute integration… First of all, I’m assuming you already have Bootstrap css/js linked up to your theme correctly. Secondly, 99.9% percent of this function was created by Dimox in his post WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin. So go ahead & get your source material from him. Lastly, All I did was swap the Bootstrap markup into his php … Read More

Add Twitter Bootstrap Pagination to your WordPress Theme

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Hi. I’ve been focusing a lot of my efforts on integrating Twitter’s Bootstrap with WordPress themes. Here is one of the easiest integrations so far! Thanks a heaping ton to this article: How to Build a WordPress Post Pagination Without a Plugin. The base code is super light weight, and it works on index.php, category.php, & archive.php right out of … Read More

How to make Bootstrap Carousel display WordPress Dynamic Content

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When code from Twitter’s Bootstrap is not working, one of the main culprits is in linking the files up correctly. It seems to be especially common when adding Bootstrap javascript plugins to a WordPress theme. The Bootstrap files and your jquery library must be called in the proper sequence, along with loads of other scripts being called by other plugins … Read More