The Bootstrap Framework

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Guest post by Lisa Smith Why settle with the ‘routine’ web development platform when you have Twitter Bootsrap, the all new buzzing platform for creating superb websites! Websites built using Twitter Bootstrap are fully responsive and load perfectly on devices with varying screen sizes. Moreover, your Bootstrap based web pages will be perfectly compatible with all browsers. All these features … Read More

Magento Blank Page Issue Fixed

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After a recent upgrade from Magento Community Edition to, I started noticing blank pages in the admin section (backend only) after certain functions: order entry, email tracking information, order comments. I also noticed no emails were sent out after password reset requests on the front end. I checked /var/log/maillog and didn’t see the messages. However I confirmed SMTP … Read More

How to change timezone on a Linux server (CentOS)

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We run CentOS for many of our server builds and this question often comes up. Hope this helps. Here are the steps: Make a backup copy of the default localtime file. Create a symbolic link to a new localtime file Be sure to replace “America/Los_Angeles” with the directory (if your zone has one) and filename of the timezone you want … Read More

UPDATE: Bootstrap Carousel = WordPress Dynamic Content

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This is an update to my original post How to make Bootstrap Carousel display WordPress Dynamic Content, so I’ll keep it short… The Original Source Code From Note: Bootstrap developers have added the .carousel-indicators feature sometime after my original post. Below, you will see my solution for generating the “data-slide-to” values dynamically… Now with WordPress template PHP for dynamic … Read More