PressPlay Lite WP Plugin is Live

I’ve recently developed a WordPress plugin called PressPlay Lite, which is now hosted on PressPlay Lite offers music lovers the easiest way to play MP3s on their WordPress site. Simply insert a link to an MP3, and PressPlay Lite will automatically prepend a play/pause button. PressPlay Lite is powered by an extremely slimmed-down version SoundManager 2 ( The simplicity of PressPlay Lite empowers end-users to manage their own audio and rest assured that their guests can listen from any browser on any device.

I have used it on several sites, including my personal music site.

If you’re looking for thee simplest, cleanest, most-flexible way to play music on a WordPress site, please give this plugin a shot. And if you end up liking it – why not make it official? Please submit a rating & review on Thanks!

Vigortone Records

Re-launched in 2010, the new Vigortone Records web site provides a full record label catalog, search engine optimization (SEO) and E-Commerce integration with PayPal Web Site Payments Pro. The new design is responsive and mobile-friendly. It also features our WordPress plugin PressPlay Lite, which allows visitors to listen to sound clips on any browser or device.

Deering Banjo Company provided consulting services, including technical guidance and development work necessary to launch the ecommerce platform for Deering Banjo company in 2010.

Deering’s web site sales increased 400% after launch of their new web site!

Arise Art Group

Arise Art Group is an Interior Design, Graphics and Branding firm, based in San Diego. The company was visually happy with their current web site, but was unhappy with the limitations of their content management system. Developing on the WordPress platform, was able to replicate their existing design while expanding their dynamic capabilities.