New web site went live today

Part of the challenge of running a development shop (and having a 2 year old boy) is that you never spend time working on your own site. The last Lanexa web site re-design was done during a trip to Australia in 2007 and done while sitting in a coffee shop in Sydney over the course of a couple of weeks. Well, this one started in June 2010 and we finally launched this afternoon in San Diego.

The site is built on the WordPress platform and includes many customizations that we built and can leverage for your project. Drop us a line if you want to talk about your project. Here is a screen shot of our new site on the iPhone. Since we didn’t use Flash for the slider (uses Javascript), all of the animation on the home page works on the iPhone and in any browser, really. Cool.

How many members joined in the past week

I originally posted on the Drupal Support Forum here.

Here is how I did it in Drupal 5.11

Hope this helps someone. I created a block, then used Panels to add this block to my Panel page. Don’t forget to add the PHP opening and closing tags.
$result = db_fetch_array(db_query(“select count(uid) from users where week(from_unixtime(created)) = week(date_sub(now(), interval 1 week))”));

print $result[‘count(uid)’];

Deering Banjo Company provided consulting services, including technical guidance and development work necessary to launch the ecommerce platform for Deering Banjo company in 2010.

Deering’s web site sales increased 400% after launch of their new web site!