Chris Clarke Honored as a Finalist in San Diego Magazine’s Top Tech Exec Awards

San Diego Magazine’s Top Tech Exec Awards recognizes the most outstanding Information Technology executives who work in San Diego, as nominated by their peers and clients. Nominees and honorees who meet the criteria, as decided by an independent panel of judges, were be recognized at the 2012 San Diego Magazine Top Tech Exec Awards on May 17, 2012 at The Paddock at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Chris was honored as a finalist for his work as Founder and Chief Technologist with

SugarCE Module Loader Zip Error Fix

Trying to install (upload) a module for Sugar Community Edition using the Module Loader and getting a Zip Error? Try this.

Error message returned to browser:
[code]ZIP Error(0): Status(0):[/code]

File to modify: /sugar/include/utils/zip_utils.php

## Step 1 ##

Comment out the following lines at /sugar/include/utils/zip_utils.php
40 //if(class_exists(“ZipArchive”)) {
41 // require_once ‘include/utils/php_zip_utils.php’;
42 // return;
43 //} else {
Line 130:
[code]130 //} // if (ZipArchive exists)[/code]

## Step 2 ##

Upload the Module again.

Works for SugarCE 6.2.0, CentOS 6 Linux, MySQL 5.1.61, PHP 5.3

How to backup to Amazon S3

## UPDATE 2017 ##
The method described below was in use 5 years ago. It may still work on your host, but there are more elegant ways to do this now. I keep it here for archive purposes only.

Need to backup your Linux server files and databases to Amazon S3? Here is a great tool –

Follow the install instructions.

Once you set up your S3 bucket, you can use this bash script to copy files to the S3 bucket:

## - file name =
## backup script to push archive files to Amazon S3 bucket
## 2012-01-04
# define where your backup files are stored locally on your server
# use s3cmd to upload files to S3 instance
s3cmd put FILENAME s3://BUCKET-NAME/
# email a note to yourself that backup is complete
mail -s "backup files and databases copied to S3"

Clean CSS

Need to cleanse your CSS code? There are many tools out there that allow you to clean up your 3000+ line CSS file. CSSTidy is the industry standard and used by professional developers everywhere.

But what if you just need a quick solution and don’t want to spend the time to install/configure a local app? Well, tada – here is a slick online tool for just that: CSS Formatter and Optimiser available in several languages.