About the Company

Lanexa.net is a web development firm started in 1998 (in Lanexa, Virginia) by Chris Clarke to fill a niche in Internet services at the time – providing web site design and hosting to academia, local and state governments, small businesses and non-profit organizations, particularly in rural areas. Now based in San Diego, California, Lanexa.net specializes in ecommerce solutions, with a focus on user-centered web site design, web application development and content management.

Chris has a strong background in Information Technology, and was an early adopter of Linux and open-source platforms. During graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University, Chris quickly became proficient in Perl, HTML, databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He received a Masters degree and subsequently developed a graduate-level course in GIS for biologists.

In 1999, Chris relocated to San Diego and began a career with BD Biosciences (then PharMingen) and built an E-Business program. In 2005, he led the development of and launched an ecommerce application on top of SAP R/3 for Internet selling of over 10,000 products, generating over $1 million USD/month in incremental revenue.

With a foundation in life science and ecommerce solutions, Chris currently serves as Chief Information Officer for Tonbo Biosciences, and maintains an active role in business development and client relations at Lanexa.net.

Doug Walker began developing code in 2008. He’s our resident WordPress guru, and maintains several development projects at WordPress.org including the ListPosts Shortcode and PressPlay.