SugarCE Module Loader Zip Error Fix

Trying to install (upload) a module for Sugar Community Edition using the Module Loader and getting a Zip Error? Try this.

Error message returned to browser:
[code]ZIP Error(0): Status(0):[/code]

File to modify: /sugar/include/utils/zip_utils.php

## Step 1 ##

Comment out the following lines at /sugar/include/utils/zip_utils.php
40 //if(class_exists(“ZipArchive”)) {
41 // require_once ‘include/utils/php_zip_utils.php’;
42 // return;
43 //} else {
Line 130:
[code]130 //} // if (ZipArchive exists)[/code]

## Step 2 ##

Upload the Module again.

Works for SugarCE 6.2.0, CentOS 6 Linux, MySQL 5.1.61, PHP 5.3


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2 thoughts to “SugarCE Module Loader Zip Error Fix”

  1. Please mention that this fix is just for the upload of the file, and that once the upload is complete the code is to be returned to normal so that the insalation may proceed as normal, so that the instal button and later the commit buttons become visible. PS, this is for version 6.5.22 of SugarCrm.

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