• Vigortone Records

    Re-launched in 2010, the new Vigortone Records web site provides a full record label catalog, search engine optimization (SEO) and E-Commerce integration with PayPal Web Site Payments Pro. The new design is responsive and mobile-friendly. It also features our WordPress plugin PressPlay Lite, which allows visitors to listen to sound clips on any browser or device.

  • Deering Banjo Company

    Lanexa.net provided consulting services, including technical guidance and development work necessary to launch the ecommerce platform for Deering Banjo company in 2010.

    Deering’s web site sales increased 400% after launch of their new web site!

  • Arise Art Group

    Arise Art Group is an Interior Design, Graphics and Branding firm, based in San Diego. The company was visually happy with their current web site, but was unhappy with the limitations of their content management system. Developing on the WordPress platform, Lanexa.net was able to replicate their existing design while expanding their dynamic capabilities.

  • Barberside Tonsorial Parlor

    San Diego’s Barberside was established in 2007 as a private barbershop that catered to gentlemen only. Shop owner Marvin Attiq’s innovative & in-demand product line required a robust, yet easily-managed, E-Commerce platform. Lanexa.net is a Shopify.com partner and could easily assess that their platform would be the ideal solution to get Attiq’s products moving swiftly and allow him to take the reins after development.

  • San Diego Troubadour

    Established in 2001, the San Diego Troubadour is a free local music newspaper, featuring CD reviews, concert dates, and articles on musician’s latest musical developments. Their new web site was launched in 2011. Building off the WordPress content management platform, Lanexa.net was tasked to combine the grassroots vibe of this homegrown newspaper with the functionality of a modern blog and the interactivity of web 2.0. In addition to posting a plethora of new articles every month, the client is also adding older issues to the archives. The entire legacy of the newspaper will soon be available in web format.

  • Tonbo Biosciences

    Our founder, Chris Clarke, developed the ecommerce platform, as well as the entire Order to Cash business process for Tonbo. We manage all HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as LAMP stack development for Tonbo and evolved the site design to where it is today. Launched in January of 2013, Tonbo Biosciences is a biotech company in San Diego that focuses on flow cytometry reagents for immunology-based researchers.