• The Bootstrap Framework

    Guest post by Lisa Smith

    Why settle with the ‘routine’ web development platform when you have Twitter Bootsrap, the all new buzzing platform for creating superb websites! Websites built using Twitter Bootstrap are fully responsive and load perfectly on devices with varying screen sizes. Moreover, your Bootstrap based web pages will be perfectly compatible with

  • Magento Blank Page Issue Fixed

    After a recent upgrade from Magento Community Edition to, I started noticing blank pages in the admin section (backend only) after certain functions: order entry, email tracking information, order comments. I also noticed no emails were sent out after password reset requests on the front end. I checked /var/log/maillog and didn’t see the

  • Update a MySQL table from the command line (find and replace)

    I thought this might be helpful to some of you out there, as I routinely have to do this myself. Need to update a table, or a lot of rows of data in MySQL? Here is a handy Find and Replace SQL script to run at the command line.

    mysql> update TABLENAME set FIELDNAME  =

  • ListPosts Shortcode WP Plugin is Live

    ListPosts Shortcode is an extremely simple, yet versatile, way to display a list of featured posts on your WordPress site. The default behavior is very logical, while a plethora of options will allow you to customize the appearance & functionality to your heart’s content. Please give it a

  • PressPlay Lite WP Plugin is Live

    I’ve recently developed a WordPress plugin called PressPlay Lite, which is now hosted on wordpress.org. PressPlay Lite offers music lovers the easiest way to play MP3s on their WordPress site. Simply insert a link to an MP3, and PressPlay Lite will automatically prepend a play/pause button. PressPlay Lite is

  • How to change timezone on a Linux server (CentOS)

    We run CentOS for many of our server builds and this question often comes up. Hope this helps.

    Here are the steps:

    Make a backup copy of the default localtime file. Create a symbolic link to a new localtime file

    Be sure to replace “America/Los_Angeles” with the directory (if your zone has one) and filename

  • What Happend to WordPress’ Media File URL Option?

    Beats me! God only knows why the wp folk decided to hose that option, or maybe it’s a bug. Whatever the case my be, I thought the custom File URL option (found under Settings > Media) was a very handy tool of which I have always made good use, and I want it back real

  • Adding Custom Menu Locations in WordPress Themes

    Basic Setup

    Step 1: First, we need to register your new menus. In this example, we’ll create the menus Header Navigation and Expanded Footer. Add this PHP code to your functions.php, or link to it in a separate file:

    Step 2: Let your users know that your menu location exists by adding a message