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Lanexa.net was pleased to be part of the Merchant Round Table along with Deering Banjo Company at the the x.commerce event in San Francisco, October 2011. It was a great opportunity to hear directly from both developers and businesses on their needs in the ecommerce space for small and mid-size companies.

# from x.com

X.commerce is a commerce platform that enables communication between commerce capabilities–plugins that address some aspect of the marketplace.

There is basically no limit on what developers might address via capabilities; if developers and merchants can conceive of opportunities and introduce capabilities, they stand to benefit financially and the marketplace benefits from the new opportunities. This rich ecosystem increases in choices and opportunities for developers, merchants and consumers.

Mobile, local, social and digital trends transform our shopping and selling experiences. Commerce providers deliver a rich variety of capabilities and experiences. Merchants would greatly benefit from leveraging these capabilities; they could sell more effectively and increase customer loyalty. Developers are eager to leverage these capabilities, ready to build innovative solutions for merchants and consumers.

Using an open environment, X.commerce offers the fundamental technologies needed for end-to-end commerce – shopping carts, payment services, inventory management, marketplace integration, SEO, tax guidance and more, all in one location.

-Naveed Anwar (The BaldGeeK), Head of Community at x.commerce