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A great jazz drummer & friend of mine has a site with a beautiful custom design, yet he was having to rely on computer nerds to manage his content. After helping him with a few seemingly simple updates, it was obvious that his money & my time would be better spent enabling him to gain control over his content, so I offered to set him up in WordPress. The migration moved swiftly until hitting one snag – his custom Flash menu is hardwired with page links that use .html. Why use a Flash menu in the first place? Good quetion! But I can’t argue that it doesn’t look great, and he seemed intent on leaving the design as is.

Fortunately, 99% of this problem can be solved with a simple plugin – .html on Pages. Not only did it quickly enable the old links, it also saved me the trouble of setting up a bunch of redirects, which would have been necessary if using wordpress’ default URLs.

The final problem was with the Home page link. The Flash menu’s “Home” link is hardwired with index.html, and needed to be redirected to index.php. The solution for this is actually quite easy, as well. With hidden files turned on, locate the .htaccess file within the wordpress folder, installed on your server. Just insert this bit of code above anything else:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.html?$ / [NC,R,L]

View the results and check out some incredible music at

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